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April 14, 2020
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It is a universal truth that a frisky wind can cause havoc with an afternoon of leisure. Businesses that are able to offer their patrons sweeping views and dining areas open to the elements are often a popular spot. But not so great when a relaxing moment is interrupted by a brisk afternoon squall!

While many people like to sit out on the deck of a nice restaurant or club and enjoy the view, unpredictable weather can force them inside, or worse, home, before they are ready.

"With our deck sitting out over the water and copping the full brunt of often strong nor’easters, the windbreak needed to cut the breeze while still allowing our customers to enjoy full 360-degree views of Manly Cove.

The barriers have done exactly that and have been a fantastic addition to our business"

Matt Hazel, Manager

Experiencing just such a dilemma, the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club took action to protect their business by installing a glass balustrade system from Svalson.

Smart Investment

See the full article to find out how we helped the Board of the Skiff Club make a smart investment that increased the time their patrons spent dining outdoors.

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